Leaving Day

June 6, 2014

Hello there.

Well today I leave. Most importantly, today I fly for the first time, and I am scared of the people. What a weenie.I am not afraid of turbulence, or hijackings, or bombs, or crying babies ruining my evening in the sky. No, I am afraid of the crowds in the airport.  I appear so strong but I fear people. WHAT?!

Luckily, ( I cannot imagine simply whining continuously, who would blog that) I have found the positives in the situation. They come in a green bottle with a burdensome cap. These magical little green pills have, how did the doctor describe it, taken the edge off. In fact, everything around me has begun to seem rather blissfully rounded! (Not sure what that means, but rounded features are comforting)

I hate to start off on the wrong foot. I promise to you, reader, I do not have a drug problem. As I explained before, I have a people problem. So, I do promise to you, these euphoric green pills are a necessity. I would never take part in them for…  partying. To be honest, anthropophobia mixed with beer is the most comically awkward epidemic.

Hmm, you may be thinking, this blog is about health? Yes, mental health is what most people struggle with the most. One may not be truly healthy without having a healthy mind. Take it from me, in my attempt to appeal to your pathos, reader, I had an eating disorder. It is so interesting saying had because anyone who has ever battled an eating disorder knows that those issues with food never actually go completely away. Either way, I am working on it. My mental health is better. So much better, in fact, I can eat cake without hating myself! (this is meant as a joke, a realistic and honest joke. I use this humor frequently, it makes people feel awkward, so you are not alone if that’s how you feel.) Either way, like I said, I am better. This blog, this trip, these words are my release coming from a place of true happiness.

So why The Healthy Traveler why not, “My Search for me” or something cheesy like that? Well, I am never happier than when I am covered in sweat, with aching limbs from the kick ass work out I just endured.  I also love food, and we can never forget that “flat abs are made in the gym.” -someone with a degree, probably.

Does that answer why? eh, maybe.

So… to kick things off, I offer this link. I found it on theChive.com… my slight obsession (If you have questions, look it up. Do not be lazy, this is about health.)

The link points out that the US food industry is… well crap, and the FDA allows producers to feed us that crap. Here ya go, Dangerous US foods that have been banned in other countries.

Take a look at it, and do come back to me.

Until next time,

– Chey

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  1. MorganJune 6, 2014 @ 8:43 pm

    I love you and so proud to call you my best friend! I am so exited and scared for you all at the same time! But, I cannot wait for you to get back to tell me every last detail! Love always, Morgan

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